All the World's a Stage (Ugly Betty)

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"All the World's a Stage"
Ugly Betty episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 16
Directed by Andy Wolk
Written by Abraham Higginbotham
David Grubstick
Production code 416
Original air date 17 March 2010
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Fire and Nice"
Next →
"Million Dollar Smile"
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"All the World's a Stage" is the 16th episode of the fourth season of the American comedy-drama series, Ugly Betty, and the 81st episode overall. It originally aired on ABC in the United States on 17 March 2010.


Justin (Mark Indelicato) is enjoying his acting class with his eccentric teacher, Lena Korvinka. When Betty (America Ferrera) thinks there might be a problem with him and his friends, Austin and Lily, she drops by the class to check up on him. Betty gets sidetracked when a playwright called Zachary Boule is introduced to the class. Betty tells Hilda (Ana Ortiz) about Zachary and believes his speech about reinvention was aimed at her. She gets the idea of pitching him to MODE for the cover.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) works on a new cover shoot that sees her reconstructing old New York, but Marc (Michael Urie) warns her that Daniel is not happy with the costs. Wilhelmina tells Marc she doesn't care and when she sees Betty dressed nicely, she gives her a compliment. Shortly afterwards, Wilhelmina falls to the floor. At the Editors meeting, Daniel (Eric Mabius) tells everyone that Wilhelmina is suffering from a Perforated ulcer. Wilhelmina tries to join in the meeting via satellite TV, but when she and Daniel fight about the status of the cover shoot her TV is shut off. When Amanda (Becki Newton) and Marc drop off some things for Wilhelmina at the hospital, Wilhelmina tells them she is going ahead with the shoot without telling Daniel. Daniel later visits Wilhelmina and tells her that she isn't doing the cover shoot and she agrees. Wilhelmina's roommate warns her that she will turn out like her, old and alone. Wilhelmina then realises that she has been wasting her time trying to gain control of MODE and decides she wants the whole Meade empire.

Daniel approves of Betty's idea to interview Zachary for the magazine and Betty goes off to interview him. During the interview, Zachary flirts with Betty and they share a kiss. Starting to think that this is becoming unprofessional, Betty cuts the interview short and begins writing the profile at MODE, but ends up daydreaming about Zachary caressing her by massaging her and reading his play. Zachary comes to see Betty to talk and they end up kissing again. Zachary asks Betty to go on a date with him and she agrees, Betty later tells Hilda that she can't believe Zachary likes her. During Betty and Zachary's date, Daniel spots them kissing and acts like he's mad before telling her he's fine with it. The next day, Betty kisses Zachary in front of everyone at the office and tells him that she would like to attend the premiere of his play with him, but Zachary tells her that he is planning to take his mother. Betty decides to attend anyway and sees Zachary arrive with another woman. Betty leaves, but Zachary catches up with her and tells her that his agent set him up with the woman to sell tickets to the play. Betty punches him when he tells her that they could date in secret. Betty writes a good profile on Zachary and when he comes to see her, she tells him that she doesn't want to date him. Betty then makes an appointment to have her braces removed.

Justin invites Lily to watch movies with him and she brings Austin along, Justin is not happy to see him until he finds out that they share the same interests in films. Justin later tells Marc that he's nervous about kissing Lily in their scene, but Marc tells Justin that if he wants it, it won't be bad. Marc describes to him a kiss so special that the world fades to black and white in the background. At the performance, Justin's kiss with Lily goes well, but he later sees Austin and Lily kissing. Austin goes to find Justin and tells him that he kissed Lily, not the other way round. Austin then kisses Justin, which results in tension between the two even as the background turns black and white in Justin's mind. At his next class, Justin decides to put what happened with him and Austin to rest and start over as friends, but Austin doesn't show up and his teacher tells him that Austin has dropped out of the class. Justin looks on in shock, and, perhaps, realising that he may have feelings for him.[1]

Amanda (Becki Newton) asks Daniel why he won't talk to his mother after the revelation that Tyler (Neil Bledsoe) is his half-brother. Daniel tells her Tyler will not be his brother, but she tells him that he came to New York without a job and Daniel's attack on him may have led him to accompany his mother to visit Alexis (Rebecca Romijn). When Daniel asks her when she has been friends with him, she abruptly denies that she has been. Later, Amanda receives a text message from Tyler, asking her to have dinner with him when he gets back from Paris, leaving her in a dilemma as she is already sleeping with Daniel. While she discusses her plans to cancel dinner with Tyler and just have coffee with him, Marc tells her to decide whether she wants to keep what she has with Daniel, casual and fun, or go into a possibly serious relationship with Tyler. Daniel later shows up at Amanda's apartment after a confrontation with his mother. Amanda then tells him that she will not sleep with him tonight. She gets out her phone and accepts Tyler's dinner offer.


  • The episode posted a large decrease in numbers from the previous week, with 3.3 million viewers tuning in, making it the absolute lowest result for an episode of Ugly Betty (taking the record from "Level (7) with Me" with 3.39 million viewers).[2]
  • The episode ironically received good reviews. Website TV Fanatic said that the episode "had some funny moments - like when Betty punched Zack in the face - but, overall we thought it was more touching than anything else."[3]
  • The episode featured one of the important scenes in history of the series for the character of Justin Suarez (Mark Indelicato) who kissed classmate Austin (Ryan McGinnis), the latter is introduced in this episode as a recurring star and Justin's new love interest.
  • Daniel Eric Gold (Matt Hartley) is not credited and does not appear. Judith Light (Claire Meade) and Tony Plana (Ignacio Suarez) are credited but do not appear. It's revealed that Claire and Tyler (Neil Bledsoe) travelled to Paris to visit Alexis Meade (Rebecca Romijn) and Daniel Meade Jr. (Julian de la Celle), both of which were once main characters on the show and last appeared in "Betty Suarez Land".
  • This episode features guest stars which include Broadway veteran Carol Kane (Lena Korvinka) and Next to Normal/Gossip Girl actor Aaron Tveit (Zachary Boule).[4]


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