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Dr. Alla Selawry (23 August 1913 in Moscow, Russia - 27 July 1992 in Stuttgart, Germany), was a scientist, Anthroposophist, doctor, homeopath, and theologian writer. She was born of Russian parents Sergei Ivanovich Selavri and Antonina Georgievna Stasenkova (maiden name), and was the older sister of Dr. Oleg Selawry (1924–1999). Her family moved to Germany in the 1920s.

She graduated from the University of Tübingen in 1939 [verify] with an MD. Shortly after graduating, she worked with Hans Krueger under the guidance of Ehrenfried Pfeiffer to develop Pfeiffer's medical diagnostic technique based on interpreting crystal formations of blood mixed in a copper chloride solution[1] - also known as biocrystallization. She was so successful in this field that she set up a private practice which thrived until her death in 1992. She maintained that blood crystallisation belonged to the "science of the future" based more on intuition than on strictly repeatable, clinical trial studies.

She also developed homeopathic treatment regimens based on certain metals, many of which had properties described in mythological stereotypes (for example, gold, the metal of Apollo, the sun god, was used to treat the heart, the "sun" of the body).

In addition to her contributions to medical science, Alla Selawry wrote a number a theological books, including Perpetual Prayer of the Heart, a biography of John of Kronstadt, and an unfinished book on virtues and vices.

Alla Selawry died on 27 July 1992 in Stuttgart, Germany, and was survived by her brother Oleg Selawry, and his children Mark and Lubov.


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