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Alla Konstantinovna Tarasova (Russian: Алла Константиновна Тарасова, 6 February [O.S. 25 January] 1898 in Kiev – 5 April 1973 in Moscow) was a leading actress of Constantin Stanislavski's Moscow Art Theatre from the late 1920s onward.

A title role in Anna Karenina (1937) was her most resounding success. She appeared to mixed reviews as Katerina in the screen version of Ostrovsky's The Storm (1934) and as Catherine I in the movie Peter the Great (1937). Tarasova toured London and United States with the Moscow Art Theatre in 1922-1924 to much international acclaim. She was a recipient of five Stalin State Prizes (in 1941, twice in 1946, 1947, and 1949), two Orders of Lenin and the honorary title of People's Artist of the USSR in 1937.[1]

Tarasova joined the Communist Party in 1954, having already been elected to the Supreme Soviet of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1952. She served as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet until 1960 and was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labour shortly before her death in 1973.[2]

Tarasova died on 5 April 1973 and was interred at the Vvedenskoye Cemetery.[3]

In 1975, a ship, the MV Alla Tarasova was named after her.

Selected filmography[edit]

  • Raskolnikow (1923)
  • Thunderstorm (1934)
  • Pyotr pervyy (1937)
  • Guilty Without Guilt (1945)
  • On the day (1952)
  • Anna Karenina (1953)
  • A long and happy life (1966)



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