Alla tiders Melodifestival

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Alla tiders Melodifestival
Final 21 March 2005
Venue Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden
Presenter(s) Kattis Ahlström
Christer Björkman
Host broadcaster SVT
Number of entries 10 from one country
Voting system Online public vote
Nul points 1
Winning song "Waterloo" by ABBA
  • Alla tiders Melodifestival

Alla tiders Melodifestival (All-time Melodifestival) was a gala organised to celebrate fifty years of the Eurovision Song Contest and the Swedish selection for it, Melodifestivalen. It was filmed at Cirkus in Stockholm on 21 March 2005 and was broadcast over SVT1 on 8 April the same year.[1] The ten songs performed were chosen by an online public vote to raise money for Världens barn.[2]


Place Song Year, result Artist Performer at gala
1st Waterloo 1974, 1st ABBA Carola Häggkvist & Marit Bergman
2nd Främling 1983, 1st Carola Häggkvist Sophie Rimheden & Håkan Lidbo
3rd Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley 1984, 1st Herreys Viktoria Tolstoy
4th När vindarna viskar mitt namn 2000, 1st Roger Pontare Roger Pontare & HammerFall
5th Det gör ont 2004, 1st Lena Philipsson Darin
6th Stad i ljus 1988, 1st Tommy Körberg Cyndee Peters
7th Michelangelo 1975, 5th Björn Skifs Wilmer X
8th Tusen och en natt 1999, 1st Charlotte Perrelli Richard Wolff
9th Fångad av en stormvind 1991, 1st Carola Häggkvist Mendez
10th Symfonin 1990, 10th Loa Falkman Lizette Pålsson, Annika Ljungberg, Sara Nordensson

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