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Allah Jilai Bai (1 February 1902 – 3 November 1992) was a folk singer from Rajasthan, India.

Born in Bikaner to a family of singers, by the age of 10 she was singing in the Durbar of Maharaja Ganga Singh. She took singing lessons from Ustad Hussain Baksh Khan and later on from Achhan Maharaj. In spite of her position and popularity she was firmly rooted and a humble artist.

She was well versed in Maand, Thumri, Khayal and Dadra. Perhaps her best-known piece is Kesaria Balam. In 1982, the Indian Government awarded her the Padma Shri in Arts field,[1] one of the highest civilian awards. She has been also awarded by Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1988 for Folk Music

Allah jilia bai is the grandmother of Dr.Aziz Sulemani And Habib Ahmed Sulemani. Dr. Aziz Ahmed Sulemani who was professor in S.P medical college bikaner and Ex h.o.d of Medicine department.



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