Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan

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Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan (English: "God Lengthen the Sultan's Years") is the state anthem of Perak, Malaysia.

Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan
English: God Lengthen the Sultan's Years

State anthem of  Perak
Lyrics Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II
Music Pierre Jean de Beranger
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The tune was originally that of a popular song in Seychelles during the 19th century, originally written by French Pierre Jean de Beranger. It was adopted as the Perak Royal Anthem by Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II, who was exiled on Seychelles for abetting murder.

In 1957, the national anthem of Malaysia, Negaraku was set to the melody of Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan.


Malay Translation
Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan
Dilanjutkan Allah usianya Sultan
Adil dan murah memerintah watan
Ditaati rakyat kiri dan kanan
Iman yang saleh Allah kurniakan
Allah berkati Perak Ridzuan
Allah selamatkan Negeri dan Sultan.
May God grant our Sultan with a long life
Who rules our peoples justly and kindly
Served by our loyal society
May He bless us with pure and noble souls
O Almighty God, bless Perak Darul Ridzuan
May God save the State and the Sultan.

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