Muhammad Idrees Dahiri

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Muhammad Idrees Dahri
Born 17 September 1947
Kazi Ahmed
School Hanafi
Main interests
Tafsir, Seerah, Tasawwuf

Allama Muhammad Idrees Dahri (Urdu: علامہ محمد ادریس ڈاہری‎, Sindhi: علامه محمد ادريس ڏاهري‎) is a notable Islamic scholar, preacher, writer, author, poet and researcher of Sindh, Pakistan. He is Hanafi, Maturidi, and belongs to the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi sufi order. He is a khalifa (deputy) of Hazrat Khwaja Allah Bakhsh Abbasi Naqshbandi and currently of Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Tahir Bakhshi Naqshbandi.[1] He also has Ijazah in Shadhili and Alawi sufi orders.[2]


Being a scholar, he first entered the Naqshbandi tariqah by taking oath of allegiance with Shaykh Allah Bakhsh Abbasi Naqshbandi of Sindh, and received Khilafat (Ijazah) on 18 Rabi-us-Sani 1405AH. In the Alawi sufi order, he received Ijazah from Shaykh Zain ibn Ibrahim Sameet al-Alawi of Makkah, SA, and in the Shadhili sufi order, he has Ijazah from Shaykh Fahmi of Madinah, SA.[2]


He is an Islamic speaker and delivers speeches in various parts of Rural Sindh and many urban areas.[citation needed] He mostly delivers lectures in Sindhi language, but also speaks in Urdu when invited in urban areas where most listeners are Urdu speaking.[citation needed]


He has authored books on various topics such as Fiqh (Hanafi), Tasawwuf, biographies, and other Islamic topics. His eight-volume Tafsir of the Holy Quran is one of the very few complete Tafsirs in the Sindhi language.[citation needed] Most of his books are in Sindhi. He is also a poet of Sindhi and has written poetry on Islamic themes. Most famous parts of his poetry are Naat (praise of Prophet Muhammad) and Manqabat (praise of his Shaykh Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Tahir).

He is also a translator and has translated some of the classical works of famous scholars of Sindh, such as Allama Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi and Shaykh Abul-Hasan Dahiri.

List of authored books[edit]

  • Tafsir of the Holy Quran (Sindhi) in 8 volumes
  • Faza'il-e-Miswak (Sindhi: فضائل مسواڪ‎)
  • Iden Ja Fazail Aen Masail (Sindhi: عيدين جا فضائل ۽ مسائل‎)
  • Juma Ja Fazail Aen Masail (Sindhi: جمعه جا فضائل ۽ مسائل‎)
  • Karamat Imam Rabbani (Sindhi: ڪرامات امام رباني‎), contains miracles of Imam Rabbani
  • Ad-Dolat al-Kubra (Urdu: الدولۃ الکبریٰ‎), Sharah Asma-ul-Husna
  • Thubut Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (Sindhi: ثبوت ختم نبوت‎)

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