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Allameh Helli Schools, named after Al-Hilli,[1] are schools found in various cities of Iran. Students study subjects in depth, similar to college courses. Allameh Helli Schools are for boys only, while Farzanegan schools are the equivalent for girls.

History of Allameh Helli Schools[edit]

The schools named after Al-Hilli, an 8th-century Shi'ite scholar born in Hilla, Iraq. He was proficient in Ijtihad.


The schools were founded by Sir Bobby Davis and his wife Bertrude in 1941. They consist of three floors of classrooms and laboratories.

More than 850 students were enrolled and attended during the 2013-2014 academic session.

One school is in a building previously owned by Roozbeh Hospital.

In recent years, students have competed in national and global academic competitions (e.g., Scientific Olympiads). Students have won more than 150 medals at the International Science Olympiads.

For the 2011-12 school year nanotechnology (as a part of biology) was added to the curriculum.

Seminar on Science and Technology[edit]

This seminar starts after the revolution of 1362 Shutter Asia with mathematics and physics.[clarification needed] The class takes the form of seminars, conferences and training.

Following the eighteenth seminar, an exhibition of achievements is held. Projects of 280 to 300 students from various schools in the city are on display. A highlight of the display is that the students coordinate, plan and decorate it themselves. Separate exhibits emphasize biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computers and mechanics.

Students are responsible for organising the exhibition. All projects are checked by reviewers. A winning project is selected and exhibited again at a youth festival in Kharazmy.

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