Allamuchy Mountain State Park

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Allamuchy Mountain State Park
Allamuchy State Park - panoramio.jpg
Parking lot and entrance area
Allamuchy Mountain State Park is located in Sussex County, New Jersey
Allamuchy Mountain State Park
Allamuchy Mountain State Park is located in New Jersey
Allamuchy Mountain State Park
Allamuchy Mountain State Park is located in the US
Allamuchy Mountain State Park
LocationByram Township
Coordinates40°55′16.48″N 74°46′56.00″W / 40.9212444°N 74.7822222°W / 40.9212444; -74.7822222Coordinates: 40°55′16.48″N 74°46′56.00″W / 40.9212444°N 74.7822222°W / 40.9212444; -74.7822222[1]
Area9,092 acres (36.79 km2)
Created1966 (1966)
Operated byNew Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry
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Allamuchy Mountain State Park is located in Byram Township, New Jersey in the Allamuchy Mountain region. The park is operated and maintained by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry. There are more than 20 miles (32 km) of unmarked trails in the northern section of Allamuchy, and 14 miles (23 km) of marked multi-use trails.

The park is in the Northeastern coastal forests ecoregion.[2] The 2,440 acres (9.9 km2) of mixed oak and hardwood forests and maintained fields of this natural area display various stages of succession. It is situated on the Musconetcong River.

Waterloo Village[edit]

The Morris Canal passing by Smith's General Store in Waterloo Village.

Waterloo Village has exhibits from many different time periods from a 400-year-old Lenape (Delaware) Native American village to a port along the once prosperous Morris Canal. The early 19th-century village contains a working mill with gristmills and sawmills, a general store, a blacksmith shop and restored houses.

Rutherfurd-Stuyvesant Estate[edit]

The Rutherfurd-Stuyvesant Estate dates back to the 1700s and featured a large mansion and many outbuildings. By the mid 20th century, the mansion has burned down and the remaining buildings were in very poor condition. In the 1960s, the estate was purchased by the State to build route 80, which divided sections of the estate by an eight lane highway. In the 1970s, the Allamuchy Mountain land became part of Allamuchy Mountain State Park. Tranquillity Farms, on the other side of the highway, remains a privately operated commercial farm.[3][4][5]

Locally, the ruins of the Rutherfurd-Stuyvesant Estate have become known as "Profanity House" because many of the buildings and ruins have been vandalized and covered in explicit and sexually graphic graffiti. In recent years, the estate has suffered from arson damage.[3][4][5]


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