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Allan C. Hill (September 23, 1948 in Norfolk, Virginia – September 10, 2007 in Sarasota, Florida) was an American Entrepreneur and Circus owner.[1]

Hill founded the Great American Circus.

He was also very involved in charitable and telemarketing interests.

In 1992, Hill's company successfully bounced back from tragedy when an elephant stampeded out of control and had to be shot down by police officers.[2] Video of the incident gave it national attention.

In 1987, he took part in a "Bid for Bachelors" auction for the American Cancer Society. Two women bid $23,000 for a date with one of Sarasota's most eligible bachelors. The unusual bid caught the attention of The Associated Press. Cosmopolitan profiled Hill as its "Bachelor of the Month." That led to a 1991 TV appearance on "To Tell the Truth." At 45, Hill became the youngest person honored on the Circus Ring of Fame on St. Armand's Circle. "copied from Allan's obituary"