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George Allan Heyl is the last surviving member of the Stander Gang of South African bank robbers.[1]

Heyl met his accomplices Andre Stander and Lee McCall in 1977, while they were in prison together (Heyl had been sentenced in 1977 for an earlier string of bank robberies);[1] Stander and McCall escaped from prison in August 1983, and broke Heyl out in October of that same year.[1]

The three then began a crime spree, which ended in late January 1984 when McCall was killed in a shoot-out with police. Stander, who had travelled to America, likewise died in a shoot-out with police there in mid-February 1984.[2]

Heyl, who had traveled to the Greek island of Hydra shortly before McCall's fatal encounter with police, then travelled to England, where he committed further robberies.[2] These led to his arrest and, in 1985, he was tried at Winchester Crown Court and sentenced to nine years in a British prison.[2]

At the end of his British sentence, he was extradited to South Africa, and re-imprisoned on charges pertaining to the Stander Gang robberies.[1]

Post-prison activities and release[edit]

In the 2003 film Stander, Heyl is portrayed by David O'Hara. Heyl, who at the time was still in prison, supplied the filmmakers with much background detail on the gang's practices.[3]

Heyl was paroled in 2005,[4] and has since become a motivational speaker.[5]