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Allan Ramsay
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Born 1953 (age 63–64)[1]
Thesis Understanding English descriptions of programs (1980)
Doctoral students

Allan M. Ramsay is a Professor of Formal Linguistics in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester.[23][24][25][26][27]


Ramsay's undergradate degree was in Logic and Mathematics from the University of Sussex.[28] After completing a Master of Science degree in Logic from the University of London, he returned to Sussex to complete a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Prior to working at UMIST and the University of Manchester, he was Professor of Artificial Intelligence at University College Dublin.


Ramsay's research[29][30] focuses on Natural language processing,[31][32][33][34] including morphology and syntax. He has published papers on the analysis of free word order languages, particularly morphology of the Arabic language,[27][35] which poses a number of specific problems. Some of this research has been funded by the EPSRC.[36]


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