Allan Robert Phillips

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Allan Robert Phillips
Born(1914-10-25)October 25, 1914
DiedJanuary 26, 1996(1996-01-26) (aged 81)
EducationPhD from Cornell University in 1946
Spouse(s)Juana Farfán Bautista de Phillips

Allan Robert Phillips (October 25, 1914 – January 26, 1996) was an American ornithologist. He mainly studied birds in the southwestern United States and Mexico. His most notable work is The Birds of Arizona, co-authored with Joe Marshall and Gale Monson.[1][2][3]


Phillips, over the span of his almost 65-year career, published a total of 172 articles and other various written material. Except for one on a mammal, all of his works were on birds. Most of these articles were on the distribution, status, and taxonomy of the birds he studied.[1][3]


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