Allard M

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Allard M
1949 Allard M DHC 3900cc.jpg
Manufacturer Allard Motor Company
Also called Allard M1
Production 1947-1950 (500)
Body and chassis
Related Allard P1
Engine 3.6 L V8
Wheelbase 2,844.8 mm (9 ft 4 in)
Length 4,648.2 mm (15 ft 3 in)
Width 1,803.4 mm (5 ft 11 in)
Kerb weight 1,179 kg (2,600 lb)
Predecessor none
Successor Allard M2

The Allard M is a sports car manufactured by the British Allard Motor Company between 1947 and 1950. It is considered the first civilised sports car by Allard.[1] Production reached approximately 500.[2]

The M is a two-door, four-seater convertible and was marketed at the time as a Drophead Coupé. It is powered by a Ford 3.6 litre (3622 cc) engine. Later models were equipped with a Ford Pilot sourced column shift.


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