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The Allard Palm Beach is a small British roadster built by Allard Motor Company between 1952 and 1958, with a Mark II introduced in 1956. Based on the chassis of the K3, but with only four- or six- cylinder engine options. Production only reached 80 units by the end of 1958 when manufacturing of the Palm Beach ended.

Mark I[edit]

Palm Beach 2.3 Mk I

The Palm Beach was sold with a choice of four-cylinder 1.5-litre (1508 cc) engine from a Ford Consul producing 47 bhp (35 kW; 48 PS) or a six-cylinder 2.3-litre (2262 cc) engine from a Ford Zephyr producing 68 bhp (51 kW; 69 PS).[1] There was one V8 model built to special order for an Argentinian customer, supplied new with a 4.0-litre Dodge 'Red Ram' engine.[2]

Mark II[edit]

Palm Beach Mk II

Introduced in 1956, the Mark II Palm Beach dropped the four-cylinder option, and introduced the availability of a Jaguar sourced six-cylinder 3.4-litre (3442 cc) engine.[3]


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