Alle gaar rundt og forelsker sig

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Alle gaar rundt og forelsker sig
Directed byEmanuel Gregers
Written byFleming Lynge
StarringLilian Ellis
CinematographyValdemar Christensen
Music byKai Normann Andersen
Release date
  • 2 August 1941 (1941-08-02)
Running time
94 minutes

Alle gaar rundt og forelsker sig is a Danish 1941 Operetta film directed by Emanuel Gregers.[1] The film was produced by Nordisk Film.[2]


It is a bet that sets the action in motion. In the Central Theatre's corduroy wardrobe, an extremely lively discussion arises one evening between the beautiful and energetic Mette Madsen and her comrades. The girls have, as usual, discussed the problem with men, and Oda, a beautiful girl, full of sex appeal, claims that Mette, who by the way is an excellent chairman of the Kordamers' organization, is completely devoid of "oomph" and does not exercise any attraction to men. The bet is made and the three "victims", who must of course be unmarried, are chosen from the phone book.



The title song Alle går rundt og forelsker sig, with lyrics by Børge Müller, was one of a group of 12 songs by Kai Normann Andersen that was included in the Danish Culture Canon.


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