Allegan (meteorite)

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Allegan meteorite, 2.9g.jpg
Type Chondrite
Class Ordinary chondrite
Group H5
Country United States
Region Michigan
Coordinates 42°32′N 85°53′W / 42.533°N 85.883°W / 42.533; -85.883Coordinates: 42°32′N 85°53′W / 42.533°N 85.883°W / 42.533; -85.883[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date July 10, 1899
TKW 32 kg
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Allegan is an H chondrite meteorite that fell to earth on July 10, 1899 in Michigan, United States.[2] It belongs to the petrologic type 5. As of 1964, it was one of only seven known meteorites to land in Michigan.[3] Allegan weighed around fifty pounds after its landing.[4]


It is classified as H5-ordinary chondrite.[1]


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