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The Allegany County Fairgrounds is located just west of Cumberland, Maryland along McMullen Highway. Throughout the year the fairground holds musical concerts, car races, and private events. Once a year the Allegany County fair is held on the grounds, called the Allegany County Fair and AgExpo. As of 2006, the annual fair is an 8-day event customarily in the middle of July. Another major event is DelFest, a 4-day bluegrass festival originated by Del McCoury, and held annually since 2008 over the Memorial Day weekend.


There has been criticism of the cost of the Allegany county Government ownership of the fairgrounds. Complaints result from lack of air conditioning below the grandstand during the summer. Other complaints result from lack of parking section signs.


Since 1985 the fairgrounds have been under Allegany County Government ownership. Prior to 1985 the fairgrounds was owned by numerous private individuals and a horse racing company once owned the fairgrounds. Also in 2011 after the big 2010 Elections some individuals that gave the county commissioners budget suggestions including on the fairgrounds. Under the fairgrounds there has been suggestion of partially privatisation to full private ownership of the fairgrounds prior to 1985 to save Allegany County Government nearly $500,000 in the full long run that would not begin a search until after the 2011 Allegany county Fair. There has also been stories of a potential horse racing returning to the fairgrounds with full-fledged indoor gambling that would result in the fairgrounds ceasing as a fairgrounds altogether due to possible better revenue in gambling and horse racing all year long.

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