Allegany County Sheriff's Office (Maryland)

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Allegany County Sheriff's Office
Abbreviation ACSO
MD - Allegany County Sheriff.png
Patch of the Allegany County Sheriff's Office
Agency overview
Formed 1791
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* County (US) of Allegany in the state of Maryland, US
Map of Maryland highlighting Allegany County.svg
Map of Allegany County Sheriff's Office's jurisdiction.
Size 430 square miles (1,100 km2)
Population 73,639 (2005)
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Cumberland, Maryland
Agency executive Craig Robertson Republican Party, Sheriff
Allegany County Sheriff's Office
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.
Note: *

The Allegany County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) is the primary law enforcement agency for Allegany County, Maryland. The ACSO is a nationally accredited law enforcement agency servicing 430 square miles (1,100 km2) and a population of 75,300.[1]


The Allegany County was created in 1789 when Allegany County was created from a portion of Washington County by the Acts of 1789. The Allegany County Sheriff's Office began when John C. Beatty was elected the first Sheriff in 1791. The current sheriff is Craig Robertson Who was elected in November 2010 after the retirement of longtime Sheriff David A. Goad.[2]


The ACSO is divided into four divisions:

  • The Patrol Division - Is currently only responsible for the service of court orders (e.g., Protective Orders, Peace Orders, Criminal Summons, Warrants, etc.) However full patrol duties are expected to be returned to the Patrol Division after the Allegany County Bureau of Police is dissolved by the Allegany County Commissioners sometime during 2011.[3]
  • The Correctional Division - Responsible for housing offenders and transportation.[4]
  • The Judicial Division - Responsible for lesser offenses, offenders not deemed a threat to public safety. Monitors community service programs.[5]
  • The Court Security Division - Responsible for the security of the courthouse and all personnel.[6]

Allegany County Bureau of Police[edit]

Created in 2008 and disbanded in 2011, the "Bureau of Police" (BOP) was created by the Allegany County Board of Commissioners who were largely in disagreement with then-Sheriff Goad as to how to police the county. Patrol and detective services were taken from the Sheriff and given to the BOP. The Sheriff's Office continued court security, court order service, and jail duties. The creation of the BOP and their relationship with the Sheriff's Office were subjects of discontent with the citizens of the county, who in turn, voted out of office the three commissioners who voted in favor of the creation of the BOP. Subsequently, all patrol and detective services were returned to the Sheriff's Office in 2011.[7]


Sheriff-Craig Robertson

Lieutenant David Morgan Administration Supervisor

Lieutenant Randy Cutter Patrol Operations/Shift Supervisor

Lieutenant Warren Carter Patrol Administrator/Shift Supervisor

Sergeant Michael Beal Criminal & Civil Process Supervisor

Sergeant John O'Connor Patrol Group Supervisor

Sergeant Wade Sibley Patrol Group Supervisor

Corporal Craig Bridges Circuit Court Supervisor

Corporal Shawn McBee Road Supervisor

Corporal John Dowden Road Supervisor

Deputy Larry Bennett Warrants Officer

Patrol Administrative Assistants:

Rhonda Twigg

Donna Hovatter

Detention Center - Assistant Administrator

Captain: R. Lee Cutter

Director of Operations: Daniel B. Lasher

Director of Security

Lieutenant: William Greise

Training Director

Lieutenant: Rhonda L. Downton

Administrative Assistant

Linda Greise

Alternative Sentencing

Labor Unit Manager: James Bone

Judicial Unit Manager: Chapin Jewell


Patrol Division[edit]

The Allegany County Sheriffs Patrol is a sworn full service Patrol Law Enforcement Agency serving the citizens of Allegany County. Sheriffs Deputies are responsible for the enforcement of all criminal and civil laws of the State of Maryland which includes the investigation of any crimes, traffic violations and vehicle accidents. Sheriffs Deputies are servants of the Circuit and District Courts and serve both criminal and civil process generated by the courts and a Deputy is assigned full-time to warrant service in the County. Sheriffs Deputies are also responsible for the security of the Allegany County Circuit Court and Getty Annex. Deputies are also assigned to the Allegany County Combined Criminal Investigations Unit (C3i) and Drug Task Force which investigates all major crimes and drug activity in the County.

List of Sheriffs[edit]

1946–1958 Edward R. Muir

1958–1970 Paul C. Haberlein Republican Party (United States)/Republican Party

1970–1974 William E. Orr, Jr.

1974–1978 Francis D. Michaels

1978–1990 Donald R Wade Republican Party

1990–1994 Gary Simpson Republican Party

1994–2010 David Goad Democratic Party

2010–present Craig Robertson Republican Party

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