Allegory and Self

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Allegory & Self
Compilation album by Psychic TV
Released 1988
Label Temple Records

Allegory And Self is a LP released by Psychic TV in 1988 that comprises a varied selection of their work.

Several versions have appeared, including the original picture disc (TOPY 035) and black vinyl (TOPY 038) versions in 1988 on Temple Records, Fundamental Records (SPIN 1006) and on pink marbled vinyl (666 copies). It has also appeared on CD in at least two versions, on Spin and Cleopatra (CLEO94912 - with 3 bonus remixed tracks). It has also been reissued in Russia.

The cover graphics feature Austin Osman Spare's General Allegory and other illustrations from his Automatic Drawings and Book Of Satyrs. In the original release there was included a book of what seems to be P-Orridge's own Book of Satyrs, with very Spare-ish pen-and-ink drawings and illuminations and key lyrics, handwritten.

The line-up for this recording included long-time PTV friend and collaborator Monte Cazazza.

Track listing[edit]

12" vinyl[edit]

Side One:

  1. "Godstar"
  2. "Just Like Arcadia"
  3. "Southern Comfort"
  4. "We Kiss"
  5. "She Was Surprised"
  6. "Caresse Song"

Side Two:

  1. "Starlite Mire"
  2. "Thee Dweller"
  3. "Being Lost"
  4. "Baby's Gone Away"
  5. "Ballet Disco"