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Allen, Allen's or Allens may refer to:



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  • Allen (brand), an American tool company, well known for hex keys so called Allen keys or Allen wrenches
  • Allen's (confectionery), an Australian brand of confectionery
  • Allens (law firm), an Australian law firm formerly known as Allens Arthur Robinson
  • Allen's, a former hamburger joint and nightclub in, Athens, Georgia, United States
  • Allen & Company LLC, a small, privately held investment bank
  • Allens of Mayfair, a butcher shop in London from 1830 to 2015
  • Allens Boots, a retail store in Austin, Texas
  • Allen Computer Services, an IT business in Somerset, England
  • Allen (publisher), in London, c. 1880-1900.
  • Allens, Inc., a brand of canned vegetables based in Arkansas, United States, now owned by Del Monte Foods



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