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Bellman posing by pointing his fists at the camera
Bellman at the Florida Supercon in 2012

Allen Bellman (June 5, 1924 – March 9, 2020)[1] was an American comic book artist whose career began in the Golden Age of Comic Books.


Bellman at the Florida Supercon in 2012
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video icon Broward County Honors South Florida Comic Book Legend, Allen Bellman, For Jewish-American Heritage Month from WFOR-TV (May 7, 2019)

As a child in New York City, Bellman became enchanted by comics when he saw a copy of Action Comics #1 and purchased it.[2] He first began working for Timely Comics/Atlas Comics in 1942 after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper, with one of his first assignments being on early Captain America stories.[3]

After his work in the comics industry ended, he continued to attend comic book conventions into his 90s; he moved to southern Florida and retired from the comic book industry in the 1960s.[3][2] In 2007, he was awarded the Inkpot Award.[4] In 2020, Bellman was awarded the Inkwell Awards Stacey Aragon Special Recognition Award (SASRA).[5][6]

List of works[edit]

  • Timely Confidential: When the Golden Age of Comic Books Was Young (December 1, 2017) Allen Bellman (author), Michael J. Vassallo (editor), Audrey Parente (editor). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform ISBN 1979903034


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