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Allen Bukoff (born June 20, 1951) is an artist and social psychologist in Birmingham, Michigan. He received his Ph.D. from Kent State in 1984. Bukoff has belonged to the Fluxus art movement since the 1980s. He was one of the original founders of the Fluxlist, an online community of Fluxus artists and writers launched in 1996, along with other Fluxus artists Dick Higgins, Ken Friedman, Owen Smith, Joe De Marco and Jon Van Oast.

Allen's work is in several collections and appears on numerous websites and online collaborations.

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Allen discovered Fluxus by seeing one of my neighbors from Gambier, Ohio doing a performance in an elevator at Kent State. I had been a professor in the art department at Gambier and doing weird performances and mail art. Allen and I were the only two "young fluxus members" at the 1993 show at the Wexner Center in Columbus. We did a performance there than went out for dinner together and lamented we were not in the big show. He showed me his "Fluxus" license plate. We both admire each other's work and offer mutual support.