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Allen Family Foods, Inc
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1919
Headquarters Seaford, Delaware, United States
Key people
Bob Turley, (President and CEO),
Charles C. Allen, III, (President 1971-2009)
Charles Clarence, (founder)
Nellie G Allen, (founder)
Products Chicken
Revenue Increase Unknown

Allen Family Foods is a large U.S. producer and exporter of chicken, headquartered in Seaford, Delaware. Founded in 1919 by Charles C. Allen and Nellie G Allen as a small local hatchery, today, Allen Family Foods is the world's 18th-largest producer of chicken products[citation needed], producing 10.5 million pounds (4.8 million kg) of finished products per week. Their network of 500 independent growers houses 25 million chickens at any given time. They employ 3,400 people in three states (Delaware, Maryland, and North Carolina), with an annual payroll of $90 million.[1] Their slogan is "The Quality Chicken People".

Allen's operated a hatchery alone until 1971, when they bought their first processing plant, near Cordova, Maryland. The plant, formerly owned by Esskay, was then leased to Ralston-Purina under the agreement that Allen would process the chickens and sell them under Ralston's Checkerboard Square label.[1] Allen's was informed in 1974 that Ralston-Purina would not be renewing their agreement, and Allen's took over the plant entirely. They mostly did custom processing for Holly Farms, until in 1980 they started selling chickens under their own label throughout the Northeast. Eventually, they acquired two additional processing plants and an egg production company. They now also own a rendering plant in Linkwood, Maryland, where chicken byproducts are turned into feed and dog food.

The company filed for bankruptcy in June 2011.[2]


Function Location
Headquarters Seaford, DE
Processing Plants Cordova, MD - Harbeson, DE - Hurlock, MD
Hatcheries Dagsboro, DE - Hurlock, MD,Seaford,DE
Breeder Egg Production Liberty, NC
Feed Mills Delmar, DE - Seaford, DE
Rendering Plant Linkwood, MD

Allen Family Foods does not exist anymore. Their facilities were sold to Amick Farms LLC and Harim between 2010 and 2011. The Allen family are no longer shareholders of the company. Now the Hurlock and Delmar facilities belong to Amick Farms LLC and the rest to the new Allen Harim Foods LLC

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