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Ordination history of
Allen Henry Greenfield
Consecration to the Episcopate
Consecrated byMichael Paul Bertiaux (Tau Ogdoade-Orfeo IV, Tau Orfeo Bardesens I)
Date21 September 1986 and 4 December 1993
Second Consecration
Second ConsecratorWilliam Gary Keith Breeze (Tau Silenus) AKA Hymenaeus Beta
Date19 November 1988
Third Consecration
Third ConsecratorWilliam Wallace Webb (Frater Damon/Nemo Damon)
Fourth Consecration
Fourth ConsecratorDavid Forrest Scriven (Tau Apiryon) (himself consecrated by Jorge Enrique Rodriguez-Villa now)
Date25 May 1997
Fifth Consecration
Fifth ConsecratorTau Dositheos (Tau Dositheos)
Date16 August 2008
Sixth Consecration
Sixth ConsecratorPatrick Mathis (Tau Samlah)
Date4 February 2010
Seventh Consecration
Seventh ConsecratorValdiveso Paschal Matthews (Tau Mikael III Basilides/Metran Mar Hermas Apollos)
Date23 May 2014
Mutual Consecration
Lineages Exchanged WithDavid Forrest Scriven (Tau Apiryon) (New Gnostic Lineage)
Date10 December 1993
Second Mutual Consecration
Lineages Exchanged WithJoe Joseph Payyapilly (Sir Leonis)
Date24 April 2010
Third Mutual Consecration
Lineages Exchanged WithTau Qadosh (Tau Qadosh)
Date14 July 2010
Fourth Mutual Consecration
Lineages Exchanged WithDarko Berović (Tau Donaticus)
Date14 July 2010
Fifth Mutual Consecration
Lineages Exchanged WithMartin Krogh-Poulsen (Tau Proprophegge)
Date22 July 2017
Sixth Mutual Consecration
Lineages Exchanged WithRoger Cole
Date22 July 2017
Seventh Mutual Consecration
Lineages Exchanged WithNakiim A. Bey (Tau Constantine II)
Date22 July 2017
Episcopal succession
People consecrated to the episcopate by Tau Sir Hasirim as principal consecrator
Lacy Coutu1987
James Mitchell Baker (Tau Heosphoros Iacchus)30 April 2005
Alexzandra Baker (Tau Peristera de Magdalene)30 April 2005
Khalid El Bey (Tau A.A.R.E., O:.O:.O:.)20 October 2007
Kyleigh Marissa Mituzas (Shin Asherah Iustus)20 October 2007
Tau Dositheos (Tau Dositheos)22 March 2008
Roger Cole3 April 2010
Valentino Damian Dzaja (Tau Tzaddi)12 July 2010
Amodali (Tau Amodali)12 July 2010
Laurie Hansen (Tau Pneumatikos)18 December 2010
Randi Jo Pixie Bruner (Shin Pixie Kleio Urania)13 August 2011
Alicia Cole (Tau Salix Alba)27 August 2012
Martin Krogh-Poulsen (Tau Proprophegge)13 August 2011
Bryan Dieppa (Tau Unnefer)December 2015
Víctor Andrés Mena Álamos (Tau Petrus Benedictus)20 August 2016
Manuel Fernando Núñez (Tau Damcar Judaeus)17 September 2016
Vladimir Milinovic (Tau Esau)February 2017
Piotr Wojdyla (Tau Agape)22 July 2017
Michael Robert McDonald (Tau Meinrad/Tau Nahash)21 April 2018
Joe Weigant (Tau Avram)21 April 2018
Michele Strevel (Tau Stella Maris)Unknown

Allen Henry Greenfield is an American-born occultist, UFOlogist, and author long involved in the free illuminist movement. He was given the mystical title and charter as Tau Sir Hasirim in 1986 and 1991 by Hierophant Michael Bertiaux of Chicago, Illinois.


Greenfield was elected to the mystical grifter of the Neopythagorean Gnostic Assembly in 1986 and again in 1994, and further consecrated within the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) by Frater Superior William Breeze in 1987 and later again by their U.S. Grand Master General David Scriven, but has long parted ways with the OTO in favor of the broadly-based Free Illuminist movement. His episcopal title "Tau" is sometimes abbreviated as "T" and prefixed to his legal name, and thus he may also be referred to as T Allen Greenfield. A former member of Ordo Templi Orientis and editor of the Eulis Lodge journal LAShTAL, Greenfield has more recently become a critic of the Order's upper management. In February 2006, he called for their resignation and stepped down from all managerial duties in protest, issuing a strong criticism of the current Outer Head of the Order, William Breeze.[1]

A past (elected) member of the Society for Psychical Research and the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (from 1960), he has twice been the recipient of the "UFOlogist of the Year Award" of the National UFO Conference (1972 and 1992).

His book Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts ("a very strange book, even for the field of UFOlogy") discusses UFOs in terms derived from Carl Jung, according to Robert Anton Wilson.[2] His The Story of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light includes discussion of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light vs. Helena Blavatsky's Brotherhood of Luxor but is, according to a reviewer in Aries, to be used "with care".[3] His book The Compleat Rite of Memphis is a comprehensive history of an Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry, and he edited an authorized, annotated edition of the work Liber Thirty-One by Charles Stansfeld Jones.

Greenfield has devoted the last eight years to the worldwide Free Illuminist or Congregational Illuminist Movement which currently has at least three thousand members.[4][5][6][7]


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