Allen Institute for Cell Science

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Allen Institute for Cell Science
FounderPaul Allen
Key people
Executive Director Alan "Rick" Horwitz

The Allen Institute for Cell Science is a research institute established by Paul Allen in Seattle, Washington on 8 December 2014.[1] The Institute is modelled in large part on the Allen Institute for Brain Science and received the same initial financial commitment from Allen—US$100,000,000 over five years.[1][2] The two Institutes also share the same building.[2]

The focus of the Institute will be "How does information encoded in our genes become living cells, and what goes wrong when a disease affects those cells?"[3] All data generated and research tools developed by the Institute will be made publicly available online.[3]

The inaugural executive director for the Institute is Rick Horwitz, formerly of the University of Virginia.[1]

Among those serving on the Institute's science advisory board is Joan Brugge, chairwoman of the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School.[2]


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