Allen International Junior College

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Allen International Junior College
Type private
Active 1970–2007[1]
Location Kuji, Iwate, Japan
Website [1]

Allen International Junior College (アレン国際短期大学, Allen Kokusai Tanki Daigaku) was a private junior college in Kuji, Iwate, Japan. It was founded in 1935 by Tamasine Allen, an American woman preacher as a kindergarten, expanding to a school in 1952, and to a junior college in 1970, with a Department of Human Communication which offered courses in tourism-related English language, international business and the humanities. It was renamed the Allen International Junior College in 1995. Due to declining admissions, the school was closed in 2007.[2]

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  • [2] (in Japanese)


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Coordinates: 40°11′9.8″N 141°46′8.3″E / 40.186056°N 141.768972°E / 40.186056; 141.768972