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Allen Covington Morris[1]
Joan and Allen Morris in Revolutionary Costume for One of Their Christmas Cards.jpg
Allen Morris with his wife Joan in Revolutionary costume
Born (1909-12-03)December 3, 1909[2]
Chicago, Illinois[2]
Died April 22, 2002(2002-04-22) (aged 92)[1][2]
Tallahassee, Florida [2]
Occupation Journalist, Historian, and Author
Known for Establishing the Florida Photographic Collection and he was the historian of the Florida legislature

Allen Covington Morris (December 3, 1909 – April 22, 2002) was the historian of the Florida legislature[3] and Clerk of the House.[1] He was also an author and wrote the books Florida Place Names[4] and The Florida Handbook.[2] In 1952, Morris established the Florida Photographic Collection.[1]


  • February 23, 1972 was proclaimed by the Florida legislature to be "Allen Morris Day".[5]
  • The main House committee auditorium, which is the largest committee room in the House Office Building, was renamed "Morris Hall" in 1977.[2][5]
  • The Florida Bicentennial Commission named him as a "Florida Patriot".


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