Alles Atze

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Alles Atze
(Everything Atze)
Created by Hubertus Albers,
Die SchreibWaisen[de]
Starring Hubertus Albers
Country of origin Germany
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 63
Running time 25 minutes
Original network RTL Television
Original release 7 January 2000 – 22 June 2007

Alles Atze (English: Everything Atze) is a German comedy television series which aired on RTL between 2000 and 2007.[1] The series revolves around the fictional character Atze Schröder.


Atze Schröder is a kiosk owner in Essen-Kray. He has a Turkish employee, named Murat. Schröder lives with his blond girlfriend Sabine, called "Biene", in an apartment behind the kiosk. Among his best friends and most loyal customers are bodybuilder Harry and police officer Viktor. His landlord Richard Plattmann, also called "Opa Pläte", appears regularly in the series.

Common themes in the series are betting, gender-specific differences, and Atze Schröder's drive for profit. One of the hallmarks of the series, above all, is that almost all of the characters speak "Ruhrdeutsch".

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