Alles Leben ist Kampf

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Alles Leben ist Kampf (English translation: All Life is Struggle) is a National Socialist propaganda film produced in 1937, directed by Herbert Gerdes, and W. Hüttig.

This film is about the disabled and the lawful decree of the prevention of hereditary diseases being passed down to the next generation through sterilization. At the same time, a call for hereditary healthy Germans to reproduce so as to avoid the death of their people. It was one of six propagandistic movies produced by the NSDAP, Reichsleitung, Rassenpolitisches Amt or the Office of Racial Policy from 1935-1937 to demonize people in Germany diagnosed with mental illness and mental retardation.

This movie is along the same lines as Erbkrank (1936) which was similarly directed by Herbert Gerdes.

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