Alley Cat (song)

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"Alley Cat"
Single by Bent Fabric
from the album Alley Cat
B-side"Markin' Time"
LabelMetronome (Denmark)
Atco (US/Canada)
Columbia (other countries)
Songwriter(s)Bent Fabric
Bent Fabric singles chronology
"Alley Cat"
"Chicken Feed"

"Alley Cat", also known as "Alleycat" and "The Alley Cat," is a popular instrumental song made most famous by the Danish pianist and composer Bent Fabric, released in 1962.[1] Fabric (born Bent Fabricius-Bjerre) wrote the tune under the pseudonym Frank Björn.


The song was originally released in November, 1961, under the Danish title "Omkring et flygel," which means "Around a Piano."[2] In 1962, the Bent Fabric composition reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number two on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.[3] In Australia, it went to number 1 and in Germany it went to number 49. It also won a Grammy Award for Best Rock & Roll Recording during the 5th Grammy Awards. It sold over one million copies and was awarded a gold disc. Siw Malmkvist recorded the song in Swedish, "Våran katt", in Danish, "Vores kat" and in German, "Schwarzer Kater Stanislaus" (1962).

Popular culture[edit]

The song has appeared in numerous films, including the 1989 film Shag, starring Phoebe Cates and Bridget Fonda, the 1994 film Cabin Boy, starring Chris Elliott and Andy Richter, the 1999 film Just Looking, starring Ryan Merriman, the 2000 film Duets, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis and the 2004 film Imaginary Heroes, starring Sigourney Weaver and Emile Hirsch.[4] It was also used in multiple episodes of Get a Life such as "Zoo Animals on Wheels."[5] The song appeared in the episode 'The Wedding Affair' of season one of the American sitcom Mad About You and the episode "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey" of season five of Family Guy. It is also frequently used by ice cream trucks in the US.[citation needed]

Critical reception[edit]

The song received generally positive reviews. Matt Dennis of the Windsor Star said the song had an "infectious, toe-tapping tempo."[6]

Notable recordings[edit]


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