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Origin Mo i Rana, Norway
Genres Heavy metal, Blackened death metal
Labels Osmose Productions
Members John Erik Andersen
Finn Henriksen
Cato Skivik
Frode Fridtjofsen
Past members Per Valla
Tor Aarnes Sæther

Allfader is a Norwegian blackened death metal band from the town of Mo i Rana in the north of the country. They are currently signed to French record label Osmose Productions. They combine death metal style riffing with black metal-esque vocals in a similar manner to bands such as fellow countrymen Myrkskog and Zyklon.

Band history[edit]

The band was formed by John Erik Andersen and Finn Henriksen in February 2001, and the first demo ‘Nightfall’ was recorded in April/May the same year. The first demo landed Allfader a deal with Rage of Achilles to release an MCD.

November 11, 2002 Allfader's debut MCD "From the Darkest Star" was released through Rage of Achilles. The MCD contains the band's entire second demo, two re-recorded tracks from the first demo, and two new never-released songs. The band held a release party and played a live set, which went extremely well.

The band later recorded a split with Rage Of Achilles, but determined to prevail, then recorded several demos and played some shows in Norway, while at the same time honing the material that would shape their debut album.

In May 2005 Allfader recorded their debut album, At Least We Will Die Together in Hansen Studios. The recording landed Allfader a deal with Osmose Productions, and the album was released in September 2006.

Since the debut album, guitarist Per Valla has left the band, with Andersen taking over on guitar.[1] In 2008, they began recording their second album.[1]


  • John Erik Andersen (Vocals & guitar)
  • Finn Henriksen (Rhythm guitar)
  • Cato Skivik (Drums)
  • Frode Fridtjofsen (Bass)

Former members[edit]

  • Per Valla (Lead guitar, 2001–2007)
  • Tor Aarnes Sæther (Keyboards, 2001–2004)



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