Alliance Drum and Bugle Corps

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Location Atlanta, Georgia
Division Class A
Founded 2004
Director Phillip Bentley, Jeffrey Peterson
Championship titles 2008
Uniform Cream jackets with a mulberry sash, black pants, black shakos with cream/silver mylar plumes

The Alliance Drum and Bugle Corps is an Open Class (formerly Class A) all-age drum and bugle corps based in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was founded in 2004 as a Drum and Bugle corps and is a member corps of Drum Corps Associates.

Alliance was incorporated in the State of Georgia in August 2004 and was granted non-profit, 501 (c) (3) status in September. A board of directors was formed and incorporation articles/by-laws created and approved within a month. The founders of this organization are Terry Reilley, Shirley Smith, and Andy Ritchie.

The Corps was organized with the intent to further music education while providing performers of all ages with an affordable drum corps experience.

Non community-funded, the direction of The Alliance Drum and Bugle Corps is guided by volunteer parents and a professional teaching staff, who work closely with the young members. All instruments, instruction, and uniforms are provided to participants who pay an annual participation fee.


ALLIANCE held its first full rehearsal in January 2005, with an attendance of nearly 75 people. The corps performed in their first competitive field show only seven months later and captured the first place Class A title. A month later, the corps was crowned the 2005 DCA South Class A champion – and has remained undefeated in this region until 2012. In the largest and most fierce Class A competition in DCA history at that time, Alliance placed third with a final score of 77.450 at the 2005 World Championships in Scranton, Pennsylvania winning high caption awards for Visual and General Effect as well. The corps finished within a point of the 1st place winner that season.

In subsequent seasons, the corps grew in size and financial strength, while continuing to develop high-energy programs that are attractive to today’s youthful performer. In 2007, Alliance partnered with Atlanta Quest, a WGI indoor percussion ensemble based in Marietta, Georgia and the Screamin' Eagle Marching Band from Reinhardt University in 2014. These partnerships are based on shared resources, such as instructional personnel, physical assets, and performers.

ALLIANCE declared themselves inactive in the 2012 and 2013 and 2017 seasons to re-focus their efforts on building a stronger program. The corps reactivated for 2014 in Class A as well in 2015. Reinstating their competitive scene by returning to DCA Open Class in 2016. The Corps declared themselves inactive again in 2017.


The ALLIANCE drum corps organization has attained numerous Titles & Championships in various performing arts activities, including:

  • Seven-time DCA South Champion
  • 2008 DCA Class-A World Champion[1]
  • 2009 DCA Open Class, placed 8th in the World Championships with the highest placement ever for a first-year DCA Open Class corps
  • 2010 DCA Open Class finalist, placed 7th in World Championships.
  • 2011 DCA Open Class finalist, placed 7th in World Championships

Local, National, and International Standings[edit]

  • DCA Open Class 2009 - Alliance 89.138 9/06
  • DCA Class A 2008 - Alliance (Class-A) 82.750 8/31[2]
  • DCA Class A 2007 - Alliance (Class-A) 82.150 9/02[2]

Staff and Mission[edit]

  • Program Director - Dr. Robert Dunham
  • Visual Caption Head - Jared Kaufman
  • Percussion Caption Head - Marcus Hawkins
  • Percussion Arrangers - Alan Sears/Larry Summerlin
  • Color Guard Caption Head/Designers - Billy Pacifico and Katie O'Connor
  • Brass Caption Head - Dr. Tim Kintzinger
  • Brass Instructors - Mike Rostin, Rebekah Daniel
  • Additional Percussion Staff - Onye Eme-Akwari/Zac Carr/Oliver Dupree

Corps Management Team:

  • Chairman of the Board of Director/CEO - Phillip Bentley
  • Executive Director - Jeffrey Peterson

The Mission: The organization's average age is twenty, which is younger than any other drum corps competing in DCA Open Class. This makes a difference in the development of programs, as a member base with younger and stronger members can perform more physically and mentally challenging programs. Alliance is more like a DCI corps than the typical DCA organization, although Alliance also competes in DCI[3] shows as well (as a competitive corps - not exhibition!).

The importance of the organization is so that you can have a summer of drum corps, but still have a life outside of the activity, too. Alliance rehearsal schedule is quite light during the winter months – every other Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm, adding Saturdays at the end of April, then Friday nights once school is out for the summer.[4] Alliance instructional staff are highly educated and have been instructing for many years, several of them being band directors at both the middle and high school level.

Show Summary (2005–2016)[edit]

Alliance 2009 Guard

Year Position Score Show
2005 3 (Class-A) 77.450 La Musique du Cirque
2006 7 (Class-A) 72.463 American Faces
2007 4 (class A) 82.150 American Landscapes
2008 1 (class A) 82.750 The Hand of Fate
2009 8 (open) 89.138 DYNAMO
2010 7 (open) 89.763 For Whom the Bell Tolls
2011 7 (open) 89.00 Inferno
2014 10 (open) 84.050 DOOMSDAY
2015 2 (class A) 80.380 SUB-ZERO
2016 12 (open) 82.90 The Animal Within,com_wrapper/Itemid,37/

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