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Alliance Federated Energy is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its principal business is to develop, build, own, and operate energy and environmental infrastructure projects with a focus on renewable and environmentally sustainable technologies.

AFE is managed by a team of industry veterans with significant experience in developing, operating, and financing energy-related businesses and projects around the globe. Collectively, the team has developed and/or financed over a dozen power generation projects over the past 30 years, including simple and combined cycle combustion turbines, pulverized coal, waste-coal, waste-to-energy, wind, and liquefied natural gas facilities.[1]

Current projects[edit]

AFE is currently engaged in the development of "Project Apollo", a waste-to-energy project located in the Midwest. The facility will utilize advanced and environmentally sustainable plasma gasification technology to process municipal and industrial wastes into clean energy and reusable by-products.[2]


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