Chile Vamos

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Chile Vamos
Founded 29 January 2015
Headquarters Santiago de Chile
Ideology Conservatism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
14 / 38
45 / 120
144 / 345

Chile Vamos (Spanish for "Chile let's go") is a Chilean political coalition that joins four centre, centre-right and right parties. The coalition was created on 29 January 2015 by the general secretaries of the Independent Democrat Union, National Renewal, Independent Regionalist Party and Political Evolution.[1]


On August 2, 2014, during the National Council of National Renewal in Santiago, the party chairman, Cristián Monckeberg, called his group together with the UDI and then political movement Evópoli to refound the Alliance under the name Coalition for Freedom. Negotiations were also held with the Independent Regionalist Party so that it would join the coalition, which concluded in December 2014 with the creation of a new coalition agreed to contest the municipal elections of 2016, and the presidential, parliamentary and regional councilors elections of 2017.

The new coalition was made official on January 29, 2015, and the process of finding a name for the new referent began.

In August 2015, the four member parties agreed to submit two lists for the election of councilors in 2016: one consisting of RN and UDI, and the other composed of the PRI and Evópoli. The same month, the name "Levantemos" (Let's get up) emerged as the name that generated greater consensus within the coalition as its mark. However, the name generated a controversy with the NGO Desafío Levantemos Chile, which expressed its rejection by the similarity of the name and logo. Since the opposition bloc argued that the name of the coalition is not yet formalized, and that "Levantemos" is only one of the options to consider.

The name "Chile Vamos" was decided on 4 October 2015.[2]


Party Spanish Leader
UDI 2016.png Independent Democratic Union Unión Demócrata Independiente Hernán Larraín
Renovacion Nacional 2014.svg National Renewal Renovacion Nacional Cristián Monckeberg
Political Evolution Evolución Política Felipe Kast
PRI Chile 2015.PNG Independent Regionalist Party Partido Regionalista Independiente Alejandra Bravo

Political council[edit]

The coalition has a political council with 47 members: 16 independents, 10 from National Renewal, 10 from the Independent Democratic Union, 6 from Political Evolution and 5 from the Independent Regionalist Party.[3][4]

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