Alliance for Peace and Freedom

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Alliance for Peace and Freedom
PresidentRoberto Fiore
Founded4 February 2015
14 September 2014 (unofficial)
Hard Euroscepticism
Third Position
Political positionFar-right
International affiliationNone
European Parliament groupNon-Inscrits
Colours     Red      Black      White

The Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) is a far-right European political party founded on 4 February 2015. The main member parties had been involved in the now defunct European National Front.

The APF maintains contacts with conservative circles in Russia and supports Russia and Vladimir Putin, especially in the Ukraine crisis.[2] It maintains friendly relations with the Syrian Baath Party government.[3]

The party also maintains contacts with the former leader of the French National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was expelled from the National Front in 2015.[4] He joined the group in March 2018.[5]

Member parties[citation needed][edit]

Country Party European MPs National MPs
 Belgium Flanders Identitists - -
Nation Movement [fr] - -
 Czech Republic Workers' Party of Social Justice - -
 Germany National Democratic Party of Germany
1 / 96
 Italy New Force - -
 Romania New Right - -
 Slovakia Kotleba – People's Party Our Slovakia -
14 / 150
 Spain National Democracy - -
 Greece Golden Dawn
2 / 21
16 / 300
 France French Nationalist Party [fr] - -

Former member parties[edit]

Individual members[edit]

Member Position Country Political party
Roberto Fiore President/Chairman  Italy FN
Nick Griffin Deputy Chairman  United Kingdom
Stefan Jacobsson Secretary General  Sweden
Jens Pühse Member  Germany NPD
Tomáš Vandas Member  Czech Republic DSSS
Gonzalo Martin Garcia Member  Spain DN
Daniel Carlsen [da] Member  Denmark DP
Hervé Van Laethem [fr] Member  Belgium Nation
Olivier Wyssa Member  France
Susanne Winter[6] Member  Austria
Jacek Wilk[7] Member  Poland Liberty
Jean-Marie Le Pen[5] Member  France CJ

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