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The Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) is an organization created by women in 1951, that works to support women in the media in all different forms. It was founded as American Women in Radio and Television, the women’s division of the National Association of Broadcasters. They bring women in the media together to celebrate accomplishments, spread diversity, and work toward the expansion of networks through different events and professional development.

Their educational foundation, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation, was founded in 1960. It was the first foundation formed by any professional broadcasting organization. They strive to support charitable activities, educational programs, and to use the media to spread positivity. They also offer scholarships to students studying media or related fields in order to encourage and support their career aspirations / goals. Each year, they reward successful students with $20,000 to start their careers in the media industry. Recipients of the scholarship are invited to the foundation’s Gracies Awards luncheon in New York City to be recognized, and to accept their scholarship.[1][2] They partner with other organizations to provide other scholarships to students, which simply require dedication and an application essay.

The cost of membership is $149 per year, and you receive all of the benefits of being a member. As a member, you are recognized for your achievements and you have access to the AWM job board which connects you to different employment opportunities in the field. Members also have the ability to work and network with other members, including very influential and experienced women. You also have the opportunity to judge the entries for the Gracie Awards, if you are eligible.

The Gracie Awards, established in 1975, acknowledges women who help to create positive differences and who continue to develop the idea of what an amazing career in the media is like.[1] They award the different outstanding media programs made by women, as well as the women who have contributed greatly to the media community. They have two events, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast, which are attended by women who have been extremely influential as well as the up-and-coming women in media who are already making their mark. Some of the well known recipients include stars such as Mariska Hargitay, Selena Gomez, Claire Danes, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, Martha Stewart and many more.

The AWM also hosts the "Women Who Lead" luncheon, which is an event that celebrates women who have significantly influenced and helped shape the media industry into what it is today. AWM Chair, Kristen Welch says, “The Alliance for Women in Media is proud to showcase female executives for their extraordinary accomplishments and deep contributions across the media landscape. Women Who Lead is one way AWM recognizes and connects women who serve in all areas of the media and entertainment industry. By honoring these outstanding women we are empowering all women, at every level, to take that next step in elevating their careers and their contributions.” [3]

The AWM is a national organization, but it has affiliates in different regions of the country to support local networking by informal group meetings through women in their communities or through affiliates of AWM. Local affiliates include many different locations such as New York City, Southern California, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, and more. This gives women the opportunity to connect with other women in their community, with attention to peer-to-peer experiences through the events they host, and programming. The AWM strongly encourages women to join at national and local affiliate levels in order to continue to spread diversity, and to support and recognize women who want to influence and contribute to the growing media industry.

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