Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

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Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
Trade Group
Headquarters Washington, D.C., United States
Number of locations
Key people
Mitch Bainwol, (President) and (CEO)
Members BMW
Ford Motor Company
General Motors
Jaguar Land Rover
Mercedes-Benz (USA)
Mitsubishi Motors
Volkswagen Group of America
Volvo Car Corporation

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is a trade group of automobile manufacturers that operate in the United States. Their mission is to "represent the common interests of its members and provide a forum to enable them to advance public policies that meet consumer and societal needs for clean, safe, efficient, and affordable personal transportation."[1] Mitch Bainwol is the CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.[2]

The trade group formed on January 13, 1999 to replace the American Automobile Manufacturers Association, which had represented only American manufacturers. As of 2009, the Auto Alliance members are:[3]

As an advocacy group for the automobile industry on public policy issues, an example of the alliance's activity includes sponsorship of the Transportation Data Center at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).[4]

Likewise, the alliance is active in political lobbying on behalf of the industry. The alliance appealed, for instance, a district-court ruling in California in September 2007 that upholds states' ability to regulate exhaust emissions, the issue having a strong bearing on state and federal vehicle mileage regulations.[5] They also have weighed in on the federal government's new fuel economy and emissions standards proposals calling for other industries to do their part in helping to trim pollution and conserve energy.[6] The Alliance opposes the Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act.

In September 2009, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers joined the Obama administration and environmentalists in opposing an effort to bar the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for one year from attempting to regulate green-house-gas emissions for power plants and other large sources, preferring a single nationwide set of rules, a main priority since 2002.[7]

Vision and Goals[edit]

The vision of the alliance is a united industry committed to enriching society through sustainable mobility. While the goals are four and those are; 'Leadership' to develop and implement policies that enable the introduction of new technologies needed to support sustainable mobility. 'Public Image' to be the trusted source of proactive and positive innovation and public policy benefiting society in areas of environment, energy and motor vehicle safety. 'Relationships' to initiate and leverage consensus-oriented dialogue with industry, federal and state governments, and other stakeholders to address shared objectives, domestically and internationally. And finally, 'Respected Source' To be the credible resource for technical and science-based analysis enhancing motor vehicle safety, environment and energy issues with a global perspective.

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