Alliance of Concerned Teachers

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Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT Teachers)
Leader Antonio Tinio
Founded 1982
2010 (as party-list)
Headquarters Quezon City
Political position Left
National affiliation Bayan
Partido Galing at Puso (2016)
Colors Light blue
Slogan Ang Tunay na Tinig ng Teachers! (The Real Voice of the Teachers!)
Seats in the House of Representatives of the Philippines
1 / 287
House of Representatives party-list seats
1 / 57

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT-Teachers) is a progressive, militant and nationalist organization of teachers, academic non-teaching personnel and non-academic non-teaching personnel established on June 26, 1982 in the Philippines. It is the largest non-traditional teachers’ organization in the country which works for the economic and political well-being of teachers and all other education workers as well as for genuine social transformation.


ACT defines its objectives in the following terms:

  • To unite teachers and other education workers to struggle for their democratic rights and economic welfare.
  • To advance a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education.
  • To encourage active and dynamic participation of teachers and other education workers in social transformation.
  • To represent, assist and defend its affiliates and their individual members, in particular, and the teachers and other education workers, in general, in the advancement of their legitimate rights and interests.
  • To launch campaigns to protect human rights, the environment and the national minorities/indigenous peoples, promote gender equality, genuine land reform, workers’ rights, and be involved with other social issues.
  • To help in the formation of the broadest unity of all oppressed sectors of Philippine society in advancing the interests of the Filipino people.
  • To unite with progressive individuals, groups and movements abroad who share common beliefs and aspirations with ACT-Philippines.

Membership requirements[edit]

Membership in ACT is open to national and regional organizations whose membership or composition include federations, unions, alliances, cooperatives, political, disciplinal or interest associations of teachers and of education workers. Active and nationalist teaching and non-teaching personnel working in the education sector in all levels (pre-school, elementary, secondary and tertiary) in both public and private institutions who are members of an education-based organization are eligible.

ACT is the umbrella formation of two national organizations, the Congress of Teachers for Nationalism and Democracy (CONTEND), a militant and nationalist teachers’ organization, and the National Federation of Teachers and Employees’ Union (NAFTEU), the national formation of school-based labor unions. Membership in these organizations means automatic affiliation with ACT.

Individual members who are qualified are also accepted.


Integration and education are ACT’s main organizing and consolidation activities. Regular visits are made to update members of the organizational activities and campaigns. Discussions, dialogues, fora, and symposia are held especially on the burning issues of the day that directly or indirectly affect the education sector. ACT also aims to unite the membership on the principles and objectives of the organization, align itself with the basic masses and raise its levels of unity to an anti-foreign domination stand on the educational system and Philippine society. ACT also provides institutional services like free legal aid, media exposure on legitimate concerns, training, and other forms of assistance as may be deemed necessary. It regularly comes out with its quarterly publication, the ACT Forum, for its present and future members.

Electoral performance[edit]

Election Votes  % Seats
2010 372,903 1.26% 1
2013 453,491 1.66% 1
2016 1,121,572 3.65% 3

Representatives to Congress[edit]


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