Alliance of Southern Forces

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Alliance of Southern Forces
تحالف قوات الجنوب
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Active 9 February 2017 – present
  • Col. Qassem al-Hariri (Division of Decisiveness)[1]
  • Col. Ahmed al-Omar (Division of Decisiveness)[1]
  • Col. Jihad Saad al-Din (Division of Decisiveness)[1]
  • Col. Mohammed Khaled al-Duhni (18 March Division)[2]
  • Col. Yusuf al-Mir’i (46th Infantry Division)[3]
  • Mohamed al-Asaad (46th Infantry Division)[4]
  • Mazen Jawad  ("Abu Walid" – Free Nawa Division)[5]
Area of operations
Part of

Syrian opposition Free Syrian Army

Allies Revolutionary Army
Battles and wars

The Alliance of Southern Forces is a Syrian rebel coalition consisting of 8 rebel factions from the Free Syrian Army's Southern Front. The group operates in southwestern Syria.[6] The coalition supports the High Negotiations Committee and its participation in the Geneva peace talks on Syria.[7]

Member groups[edit]

  • Omari Brigades
  • 18 March Division
    • Martyr Houran
    • Liberation of Houran
    • Engineering and Rocket Battalion[4]
  • Division of Decisiveness[1]
    • Houran Column Division
    • Subject of Islam Brigade[8]
    • Martyrs of Freedom Division
  • Division of Righteousness
  • 46th Infantry Division[1]
    • 24th Infantry Division
    • 69th Special Forces Division
      • Free Men of Inkhil Brigade
      • Murabitun Brigade
      • Lions of Islam Brigade
      • Fath al-Mubin Brigade
    • Al-Bayt Brigade
  • 1st Special Tasks Brigade
  • Salvation Army[9]
    • Free Nawa Division
      • 8th Infantry Division[10]
    • Martyr Jamil Abu Zain Sharaf Division
    • Special Task Force Division
  • Brigade of Dignity


On 19 May 2017, Mazen Jawad, also known by his nom de guerre Abu Walid, a commander of the Free Nawa Division of the Alliance of Southern Forces, was assassinated by unknown assailants at his home in Inkhil.[5]

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