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Alliance of the Centre (Alleanza di Centro, AdC) is a Christian-democratic political party in Italy.

It was founded in November 2008 by splinters from the Union of the Centre who wanted to return to an alliance with Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right coalition and support his fourth government. Its leader is Francesco Pionati, deputy and formerly spokesman of the UDC.[1][2]

At the 2009 European Parliament election AdC was part of The Autonomy, an electoral coalition inclunding also The Right, the Movement for the Autonomies and the Pensioners' Party, which gained no MEPs.[3][4] At the 2010 regional elections AdC ran its lists in a handful of regions, electing only one regional councillor in Pionati's homeregion, Campania (2.3%).[5]

On 20 January 2011 AdC was a founding component of Responsible Initiative, a centre-right group in the Italian Chamber of Deputies. In that occasion the party was joined by Maurizio Grassano, a deputy who had been expelled from Lega Nord.[6][7] In October 2012, the balance of accounts of the People of Freedom (PdL) showed that the Alliance of the Centre had received € 80,000 of financial support from PdL.[8]


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