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The Alliance of the Presidential Majority (French: Alliance pour la majorité présidentielle, AMP) is a political alliance formed by supporters of President-elect Joseph Kabila following the 2006 general elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[1] This bloc currently holds the majority of seats in the National Assembly with 332 out of 500 seats.


e • d Composite parties of the Alliance of the Presidential Majority[1][2]
Leader Seats in the National Assembly
People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD) Joseph Kabila 111
Unified Lumumbist Party (PALU) Antoine Gizenga 34
Social Movement for Renewal (MSR) Pierre Lumbi 27
Coalition of Congolese Democrats (CODECO) Jean-Claude Muyambo 10
Union of Mobutuist Democrats (UDEMO) Nzanga Mobutu 9
Federalist Christian Democracy – Convention of Federalists for Christian Democracy (DCF-COFEDEC) Pierre Pay-Pay wa Syakasighe 8
Christian Democrat Party (PDC) José Endundo 8
Union of Federalist Nationalists of Congo (UNAFEC) 7
United Congolese Convention (CCU) 4
National Alliance Party for Unity (PANU) André-Philippe Futa 3
Alliance for the Renewal of Congo (ARC) Olivier Kamitatu Etsu 2
Others 109
Total 332 out of 500

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