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Allison Beth "Allie" Goertz (born March 2, 1991) is an American comedy musician, writer and former editor for Mad magazine. Goertz is known for her satirical songs based on various pop culture topics. Her videos were originally posted on YouTube under the name of "Cossbysweater", which has been changed to simply "Allie Goertz."


In December 2015, Goertz released a concept album based on the Adult Swim series Rick and Morty, Sad Dance Songs, with the album's cover emulating the animation and logo of the series.[1][2] The album was made possible through Kickstarter.[3] She is co-host, along with Julia Prescott, of the Everything's Coming Up Simpsons podcast (formerly known as Everything's Coming Up Podcast), a Simpsons-focused podcast.

Subjects of her songs have included the film The Room, the character Milhouse from the television show The Simpsons, and the game Dungeons & Dragons.[4] Her style has been compared to that of Bo Burnham.[5]

Affiliations and memberships[edit]

Goertz has served as a social media producer for shows including @midnight for Comedy Central.[6] In 2018, Goertz became an editor at Mad magazine,[7] leaving in June 2019, midway through production of issue #9.

Personal life[edit]

Goertz grew up in Long Beach, California, the daughter of an elementary school teacher mother and a web graphic designer father.[8]

In popular culture[edit]

The band Nerf Herder released a song entitled "Allie Goertz" on their 2016 album Rockingham.[9]


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