AlliedWare Plus

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AlliedWare Plus
Developer Allied Telesis
Working state Current
Source model Closed source and partly open source
Initial release 2007
Latest release 5.4.5-1.2 / 8 Sept 2015
Available in English
Platforms Allied Telesis switches and routers
Default user interface Command-line interface, Graphical user interface
License Linux-based but commercial & proprietary
Official website

AlliedWare Plus is a fully featured Layer 3 operating system developed by Allied Telesis, used on its high-end enterprise network switches, and is the successor to AlliedWare. It is a package encompassing CLI and GUI management, routing, switching and internetworking functionality into a multitasking operating system for IPv4 and IPv6 Ethernet networks. It offers many standards-based features and protocols along with some proprietary technologies such as VCStack for highly resilient stacking solutions, EPSRing for resilient ring topologies, and AMF for simplified network management.


AlliedWare Plus' primary interface is its industry-standard CLI. Designed to be similar to other vendor network device CLI's, it is based on a fixed set of multiple-word commands, with the "mode" the user is in defining which of these commands are available. All commands are assigned a default privilege level, with configuration commands requiring the user to enter a higher mode (higher privilege level) than information commands.

It also features a web-based GUI.


AlliedWare Plus uses a numerical release versioning structure, formatted as a.b.c-d.e. The first number represents the primary software version, with the second and third numbers representing the major software release. The last two numbers represent the minor and maintenance updates release, respectively. Major and minor releases typically introduce new features or product support, while maintenance releases are usually bug fixes. For example, at the time of writing the current AW+ software version is 5.4.4-2.3.

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