Allied Air Command İzmir

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Allied Air Command İzmir
Allied Air Command Izmir.jpg
Coat of arms
Active2004 – 2013
AllegianceNATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Part ofAllied Command Operations, Casteau, Belgium
HQGeneral Vecihi Akin Garrison, İzmir, Turkey

Allied Air Command İzmir was a component command within NATO.


Previously designated AIRSOUTH and located in Italy, the Headquarters of the Allied Air Component Command for Southern Europe was established in İzmir, Turkey, on 11 August 2004. The command, which was renamed the Allied Air Command İzmir in 2010, reported to the Allied Joint Force Command Naples based in Naples, Italy.[1] The last commander of the NATO Allied Air Component Command İzmir was Lieutenant General Ralph Jodice.[2] It was deactivated on 1 June 2013 when Allied Air Command at Ramstein became the sole allied air component command.[3]


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