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Allied Airways was a UK airline based at Aberdeen, Scotland. Formed in 1934 as Aberdeen Airways it was taken over by British European Airways in 1947.[1]


The airline was formed 2 January 1934 as Aberdeen Airways with its first service on 19 September 1934 from Glasgow to Aberdeen using a Short Scion. [2] It later operated from Aberdeen to Orkney and Shetland using the twin-engined De Havilland Dragon.[1] In 1937 the company changed name to Allied Airways.[1] The airline continued to operate during the second world war. On 12 April 1947 the airline was merged into British European Airways.[1]


ex-RAF de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-AIDL, seen here at Coventry Airport in 1997, was in Allied Airways' fleet in the late 1940s

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