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Logo allied.png
Formation 1928
Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Fort Worth, Texas
Services Electronic components distribution
Parent organization
Electrocomponents plc

Allied Electronics is a distributor of electronic components and electromechanical products based in United States[1][2] Allied is a subsidiary of Electrocomponents plc (LSE: ECM). It is an ISO 9001:2008+AS9120A certified company[3] with about 43 sales offices serving the United States, Canada and Mexico.[3][4]


Allied Electronics is headquartered in Fort Worth,Texas. It has a 300,000 square foot distribution facility and a 57,000 square foot corporate office. Allied distributes a wide range of product technologies, including Automation and Control, Enclosures and Fans, Power, Interconnect, Test and Measurement, Passive and Active, Optoelectronics, and Assembly. Customers can access the company products through a variety of channels, including Sales Force, online ordering and an annual catalog. Allied services customers from small order hobbyists to large volume manufacturers. The management team of nine Vice Presidents and Chief Officers is led by President Steve Newland.[1][5][6]


Allied Electronics offers security products, industrial automation and control products, power products, sensors, switches and relays, test and measurement products, wires and cables, optoelectronics, motors and thermal management, tools and hardware, batteries, chemicals and adhesives, semiconductors etc.[5][6]


Allied Electronics was founded in 1928 by Simon "Sy" Wexler[7] as the radio parts distribution arm of Columbia Radio Corporation (founded in 1921 by Wexler).[8] The company distributed radio sets, tubes, capacitors, amateur radio equipment, citizens band radios, communications equipment, electronic kits and consumer audio systems through retail and mail order. In 1970, the Tandy Corporation, Radio Shack’s parent company, purchased Allied Radio, the consumer division, along with Allied Electronics, the industrial division. Over the years, Allied Radio was folded into Radio Shack and Allied Electronics focused on distribution of electronic components to electronics engineers. After multiple owners between 1967 and 1993, Allied was purchased by Electrocomponents in 1999. Today, Allied Electronics is the North American distributor for Electrocomponents selling more than three million parts from about 300 suppliers to engineers and purchasers around the world.[9]


1928-29 Allied Radio was established as the radio parts distribution arm of Columbia Radio Corporation. The company was one of the first to sell electronics through a catalog.

1941-45 Having survived the depression, the company focused on the war effort, primarily servicing government contracts and high-priority industrial orders. Allied gained experience in the industrial arena for the first time through government and military contracts.

1946-60 The electronics industry exploded as new developments in electronics were adopted on a widespread basis in commerce and industry. Innovations such as television, industrial automation, space technology and defense accelerated the need for electronics. Consumer demand also grew as radio sets and components that were not available during the war proliferated. During this era, Allied gained both the experience and specialized staff necessary to handle both consumer and industrial sales.

1967 Allied was acquired by LTV Ling Altec, now defunct.

1970 Allied was acquired by the Tandy Corporation and moved its headquarters from Chicago, Illinois to Fort Worth, Texas.

1978 Spartan Manufacturing acquired Allied Electronics, but sold the company in 1983 to Digitech.

1981 Allied began the process of moving from an all-manual system to a fully computerized company. The process was completed in 1985.

1986 Hallmark purchased Allied but sold seven years later to Avnet, a competitor, in 1993.

1999 Allied Electronics was acquired by Electrocomponents of the United Kingdom, who continues to own them today.

2007 Allied built a new and bigger facility in Fort Worth, Texas, with a state-of-the-art warehouse logistics management system.

2013 Allied celebrated 85 years as an electronics distributor.[9]


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