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Allied Invasion of Italy Order of Battle is a listing of the significant Allied and Axis formations that were involved during the Allied invasion of Italy (the landings at Salerno, Reggio and Taranto) 3 September – 16 September 1943.

Allied Forces[edit]

Allied 15th Army Group[edit]

Allied 15th Army Group under the command of General Sir Harold Alexander.

Under direct Army Group command[edit]

U.S. Fifth Army[edit]

(Operation Avalanche at Salerno) U.S. Fifth Army commanded by Lieutenant General Mark Clark.

Army troops[edit]
U.S. VI Corps[edit]

U.S. VI Corps commanded by Major General Ernest J. Dawley

British X Corps[edit]

British X Corps commanded by Lieutenant-General Richard McCreery.

Army Group Reserve available to Fifth Army[edit]

British Eighth Army[edit]

British Eighth Army commanded by General Bernard Montgomery

British XIII Corps[edit]

(Operation Baytown at Reggio di Calabria) British XIII Corps commanded by Lieutenant-General Miles Dempsey

German Forces[edit]

Army Command South[edit]

Commanded by Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) Albert Kesselring

German Tenth Army[edit]

Commanded by General (Generaloberst) Heinrich von Vietinghoff

XIV Panzer Corps[edit]

Commanded by Major-General (Generalleutnant) Hermann Balck (acting commander).

LXXVI Panzer Corps[edit]

Commanded by Lieutenant-General (General der Panzertruppe) Traugott Herr.


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