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The Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) are a series of Masonic degrees conferred by Councils of the Allied Masonic Degrees. The Allied Masonic Degrees form an appendant order of Freemasonry that exists in some Masonic jurisdictions; its degrees are conferred only by invitation. Councils of the Allied Masonic Degrees exist in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, France and Australia and their members also educate one another by presenting research papers on Freemasonry.

The degrees in the UK[edit]

The position of the Allied Masonic Degrees among the Masonic appendant bodies in England and Wales

The entry degree is the Order of Saint Lawrence the Martyr. This is the requisite for participating in Council meetings. The other four degrees, which can be taken in any order, are Knight of Constantinople, Grand Tilers of Solomon, Grand High Priest, and Red Cross of Babylon. However, the degree of the Grand Tilers of Solomon is normally taken last by a candidate. In England and Wales, the Order of the Secret Monitor, once part of the AMD, now has its own independent conclaves. [1] The Order is administered from Mark Masons' Hall, London.

  • Knights of Constantinople — Plymouth Working: In 1865 a Council of Knights of Constantinople was formed in Devonport, Plymouth. In 1910 three remaining councils, Numbers 33, 34 and 35 conceded to the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees, but in doing so, obtained for themselves the right to wear their own distinctive apron, and the privilege and exclusive right to confer the degree as practised by the Plymouth Councils since 1865. Only Christian brethren are eligible to join the Plymouth Working.[2]

The degrees in the US[edit]

In the United States of America, a national Grand Council charters local councils, which confer their degrees on selected Royal Arch Masons. Most councils are limited to twenty-seven members, but the Council of the Nine Muses is limited to nine authors (the new Sovereign Master must read a new essay), and the Grand Master's Council has no limit, either numerically or geographically.[3][4]

The officers of a council have mostly the same titles as the officers of a Masonic lodge, with the president being the Sovereign Master. The councils also study Freemasonry with a view to improving service in it. The Grand Council has created some internal honours, the most notable being "Knight Grand Cross".

The degrees conferred in the United States are:

  • Royal Ark Mariner
  • Order of the Secret Monitor
    • Brotherhood of David and Jonathan: Induction
    • Brotherhood of David and Jonathan: Admission of a Prince
    • Installed Supreme Ruler (OSM chair degree)
  • Knight of Constantinople
  • Order of Saint Lawrence the Martyr
    • Installed Worthy Master (OSLM chair degree)
  • Architect
  • Grand Architect
  • Superintendent
  • Grand Tiler of Solomon
  • Master of Tyre
  • Excellent Master
  • Installed Sovereign Master (AMD chair degree)
  • Installed Commander Noah (RAM chair degree)
  • (honorary) Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri and Appendant Orders, including
    • Man-at-Arms
    • Esquire
    • Knight
  • Ancient Order of Corks (recreational; special rules apply)[5][6]

The degrees in Canada[edit]

In Canada, the degrees conferred are:[7]

  • St. Lawrence the Martyr
  • Installed Master of St. Lawrence

Optional degrees are:

  • Knight of Constantinople
  • Grand Tyler of Solomon
  • Excellent Master
  • Masters of Tyre
  • Architect
  • Grand Architect
  • Superintendent

Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri: (given at the Annual Assembly, or by the District Deputy Grand Master)

  • Man at Arms (included with basic membership)
  • Esquire (included with basic membership)
  • Knight (on request; requisite for election as Sovereign Master)
  • Knight Commander (a Knight who has served a term as Sovereign Master of his lodge)
  • Knight Grand Cross (a Knight Commander who has been elected to the Grand Council)
  • Supreme Grand Cross (a Knight Commander who has been installed as Sovereign Grand Master)


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