Allied Somali Forces

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Allied Somali Forces (ASF)
Participant in Somali Civil War
Active June 1999 - June 2001
Groups Marehan, Ogadeni and Habr Gedir[1]
Leaders Col. Ali Hashi Buraleh [2]
Headquarters Kismayo
Area of operations southern Somalia
Originated as Marehan Somali National Front, other clans
Became Juba Valley Alliance (JVA)
Opponents Somali Patriotic Movement (SPM-Harti)

The Allied Somali Forces (ASF) was a political faction of the Somali Civil War. It was the primary opponent of the Somali Patriotic Movement (SPM) vying for the control of Kismayo and the Juba River valley, the area known as Jubaland.

Following the breakdown of central authority in the Somali Civil War, General Hersi "Morgan" declared Jubaland independent on September 3, 1998.[3]

Opponents to General "Morgan" came from the Somali Marehan, Ogadeni and Habr Gedir ethnic groups. The Marehan Somali National Front (SNF) and other tribal allies grouped together as the Allied Somali Forces (ASF). They ousted General "Morgan" from Kismayu in June 1999.[4]

Further information: Juba Valley Alliance

The ASF renamed itself the Juba Valley Alliance in June 2001, and threw its support behind the Transitional Federal Government (TFG).[5] The leader of the JVA is Colonel Barre Adan Shire Hiiraale, who later became Defense Minister for the TFG. The militia commander of the JVA is Col. Abdulahi Sheik Ismael Fara-Tag.


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